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Fire agate

, a variety of chalcedony with an ancient and fiery beginning, is an all natural gemstone found only in certain areas of Arizona, northern Mexico, and other parts of the southwestern United States. Approximately 24-36 million years ago these areas were subjected to massive volcanic activity during the Tertiary Period. The fire agates were formed during this period of vulcanism when hot water, saturated with silica and iron oxide, repeatedly filled cracks and bubbles in the surrounding rock, often forming a botryoidal (grape-like) growth.

Fire agate gemstones

have beautiful iridescent rainbow colors, similar to opal, with a measurement of hardness on the MOHS scale of between 6.5 to 7 which helps prevent cracking and scratching. The colors found within fire agates, created by the Schiller effect as found in mother-of-pearl and fire opal, is caused by the alternating silica and iron oxide layers which diffract and allow light to pass which forms the interference of colors known as fire. Besides the thin limonite and/or geothite iron oxide layers there is no actual objects inside the gems, the visual effects arise from light interference within the microstructure crystal layering of the gem.

Fire Agate Gems

are one of the hardest gemstones to produce, taking highly skilled lapidary work and the creative talents of a true artist. Dedication, patience and time will be needed if you plan on producing quality fire agate cabochons, but the final rewards are truly spectacular. The fire agate stone also has a large metaphysical following with the fire agate meaning and properites of being an excellent protection stone which reflects negative energies, and healing properties for the stomach, nervous and endocrine systems.

Fire Agate Gem Resources and Information

Here is a summary of what you will find on our website. Check out our fire agate location pages for helpful information on fire agate mineral locations and public fire agate rockhounding sites. Links to some of our favorite fire agate gemstone related websites are found within our site under Favorite Links. Some of these fire agate related resources include the Mineralogical fire agate data from, friendly social media Fire Agate related communities, and publications such as Leon Hughes 'Prospecting For And Instructions On How To Finish Fire Agate Gems'. Our Fire Agate Gallery section brings you to a wonderful selection of fire agate gemstones, gem grade fire agate rough, unique fire agate mineral specimens and some wonderful fire agate jewelry.

Fire Agates Mineral Locations: This section provides a listing and description of many of the fire agate gemstone mineral locations with related information, links and photos. Several public fire agate rockhounding collection sites are also listed if you are interested in searching for your own fire agates. You will find information on the Black Hills, Saddle Mountain, Deer Creek, Round Mountain, Slaughter Mountain, Oatman, and Opal Hill fire agate gemstone mineral locations.

Fire Agate Links and Related Web Sites: This section provides links to several of our favorite fire agate related web sites. Check out these great websites for Mexican Fire Agate information, Fire Agate Gemstone Mineralogical data, helpful Fire Agate carving tips and links to amazing Fire Agate gem carvings.

Fire Agate Gallery: A wonderful gallery of fire agate gemstones, high grade fire agate rough, mineral specimens and fire agate jewelry for your viewing pleasure.

Fire Agate Rough Buyers Guide: We also have a Fire Agate Rough Buyers Guide available for you which is a good place to start if you are new to purchasing fire agate rough.

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